I Don't Know You Enough to Tell You. Kendall/Logan.

"How are they?" Lauren asked, amused.
Logan sighed. "They're... cute. All of them. Adorable."
Lauren giggled. "Well, that was expected, wasn't it?"
"Yeah, I guess. It's just. They're, like, really cute."
"All straight? Have you told them yet?"
"I would assume so. And no, as a matter of fact that wasn't the first thing tha- shit. Lauren, I gotta go."
"Kay! Go get 'em, tiger!"

Carlos stumbled into the suite slightly intoxicated, but mostly just happy. "Logan! HEY buddy. Who were you talking to, your girrrrrlfriend?"
Logan chuckled to himself. "How'd you know?" Carlos winked at him, made a comment about 'getting it in,' and left the living room on the way to his bed. Logan decided that it would be better to have these types of conversations with his friends back home in his own room from now on. He wouldn't want to risk his accidental- coming-out this early in the game. It wasn't that he was insecure. And it definitely wasn't that he was unsure of his sexuality. It just hadn't come up. Not in the interview, not at the audition, and not now, that he was rooming with his new costars/band mates, getting ready for the first rehearsal tomorrow.

Logan hadn't showered since yesterday morning. He had to admit, it was gross. He wouldn't want his new best friends to think he was of poor hygiene. What do they care? Logan thought, pessimistically. They probably go for days without showering. Stupid straight boys. Logan went to his room and sat on his bed, leaving his phone on the nightstand. He stared over at his three suitcases, stacked in the corner. He wished for the rest of his clothes, but the exec from Nick had said that they wouldn't need much, and that they would be dressed for each and every event. He walked over to his suitcases, unzipped the top one, and started to dig around for his toiletries.

Five minutes later, Logan was in the shower. He started to hum, trying to remember the demos that he'd listened to. Instead, he ended up belting Madonna's 'Material Girl.' Not that he was a stereotypical gay or anything. No, definitely not. When he was finished rinsing off, he shut the water off, stepped out, and wrapped a crisp hotel towel around his waist. He brushed his teeth silently, figuring he'd just go to bed now instead of trying to see what the other guys were up to tonight. 

When Logan turned from the vanity and opened the bathroom door, he found Kendall, standing in the doorway, leaning against the threshold.
"Hey, stranger," Kendall said. There was something unfamiliar in his voice.
"Um, hi. Can I help you?"
Before Logan even realized what was going on, Kendall charged forward, pushing Logan back into the bathroom, pinning his against the sink.
What the hell?!
Logan thought, We do not know each other. You don't just do that to people you don't know!
He was stuck. Kendall was much bigger than him, and he wasn't budging.
"What is your problem?!" Logan said desperately.
Kendall leaned in uncomfortably close to whisper hotly in Logan's ear.
"Been watching you. There's something I want to do for you. Let me?"
Logan froze. He simultaneously noticed Kendall's hips pressing hard against his, and Kendall's hands rubbing at the small of his back.
"I...um....you don't have to...I mean..." Kendall gently bit his ear, and began to mouth at his neck. 
"Fuck, okay."
Kendall grinned into the crook between Logan's neck and shoulder. "Good," he whispered.

Logan breathed shallow, staggered breaths. This was all happening so fast. He thought about telling Kendall to stop, but truly, there wasn't an ounce of desire that he had for Kendall to fulfill that request. He watched Kendall as he took his time, teasing Logan just a little. When Kendall got to his hips, he glanced up at Logan, his hands on the towel, waiting for approval. 
Logan inhaled deeply, bit his lip, and gently pushed his hips forward.
Kendall grinned again, and swiftly unwrapped the towel from Logan's hips. Logan gasped loudly at the feeling of Kendall's mouth. He was so hard, and Kendall was already sucking on more than half the length of his dick, which, okay, was impressive, but more importantly, wow. Hi Kendall.

Logan moaned and gripped the edge of the counter, trying not to buck his hips forward; he wouldn't want to choke Kendall. But Kendall was doing considerably well for someone who, until three minutes ago, had seemed like a nice straight boy from Kansas who wouldn’t have ever given a blowjob in his life. Kendall picked up the pace, pumping Logan’s cock with one hand while rubbing himself through his jeans with the other.

Logan was losing it. “Fuck, Kendall…I...” His breathing hitched, and his words warped into a loud moan. When Kendall realized that Logan was about to come, he stopped touching himself and his brow furrowed, concentrated. He pulled almost all the way off Logan and tongued the slit on the head of his dick. Logan couldn’t handle anything more. He exploded onto Kendall’s lips and chin and promptly slid down the front of the vanity, trying to catch his breath.

What the hell just happened?

After cleaning himself up, Kendall leaned forward and kissed Logan. Logan was disappointed when he pulled away, just a few seconds later. Kendall stood up and fixed his hair in the mirror. 
"Well, see you bright and early tomorrow."
Logan gaped at him. When he turned to leave, Logan gathered his wits at last and opened his mouth to speak.
"How did you know?"
Kendall smiled. "Madonna, seriously?"

Logan smiled to himself as he watched the gorgeous boy leave. Suddenly, he was a much more enthusiastic to be spending time with his band mates.

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